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Losing the vision... :D

This incident occurred when I was doing my Masters a year back and was living in a hostel, I shared this on FB when I wasn't blogging, thought to share here because my blog seem to be very empty and needed some content... ;) :D

Well, here it goes....

As usual I woke up this morning, opened my eyes and was petrified. I realised I couldn’t see. I closed my eyes and tried once again to open them and see but in vain. The first thought came to my mind was, is it still dark? I turned to the window to see if it was dark, and can see light coming in but the vision was blurry. Fear started swathing me, I started shuddering, weird thoughts plugged my mind, and I went into a state of quandary. What was happening to my eyes? Did I lose my vision? Is it because I spend a lot of time on computers? Am I dreaming or is it happening in real.

I cried for my roommate timidly, he got up from him sleep and asked me what had happened, I asked him the time, he fumbled for his cell phone, it is 6:30, sai…

A Trek to Remember...

Tic Tac, Tic Tac
Goes the footsteps,

Calm Drizzling night,
Empty Roads,
Howling Dogs, that quivered the body,
But, Fresh & Energetic,
Confident & Fearless,

Tic Tac, Tic,Tac
Goes the foot steps.

It was the Calm drizzling night, the roads were empty, howling of the dogs created a quiver in the whole body. No one dares to move out of their homes at 2:00AM. With the heavy luggage on the shoulders wearing a pants which resembles a military guy, I was moving alone on the streets to reach a place where all other people of similar interest as mine were going to gather.

It has been just 2 months since I'm in Chennai, and was out for an adventure. An adventure which I was unaware about, unaware about the dangers, unaware about the wildlife, unaware about the people I'm going to accompany. A place not known to me but most frequently visited by the CTC. It was a trek to Nagala East, which I was ready to pursue. ;)

We left for Nagala in a mini bus, full of "mosquitoes" :D.Yeah!! …